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It Is Never Too Late To Find Your Purpose

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If you want to be happy, really happy, you need to find your purpose.
Do not forget yourself. Do not forget your dreams.
Do not let life treat you the way you don't want to be treated.

When things are not going your way, do not get frustrated.
Just look at what you are doing. Is it what you love to do?
If it is not what you love to do, then why are you doing it?

The best way to find your purpose is to always listen to yourself.
When you really listen to yourself, you will hear your voice.

The problem with most of us is that we don't listen. 
We don't listen to ourselves. We don't even trust ourselves.
Look, if we don't listen to ourselves, we will never move beyond where we are
right  now.
Because to grow, you must know who you are. You must know where you 
are going. 
If you don't have the courage to listen to yourself, then finding your purpose 
will be very difficult. And you don't want to be there, right?