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Your Dreams Are Not Impossible

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Do not get discouraged. Dreams are hard to achieve, but not impossible. Just because something is hard, does not mean it can't done. 
With the right attitude, it can be done. 
With the right mindset, it can be done. 
With love, it can be done. 

Your dreams are your dreams. No matter how tough, do not give up. If you really want to give it up, if you really want to forget about it, if you want to go for something else, ask yourself this question: "Am I making the right decision." Because you do not want to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life. 

Your dreams matter. Do not let anyone tell you that your dreams are not possible, not even your so-called best friend. Do not forget why you need your dream. Do not forget why you want it, how it makes you feel. If you want it badly, then do whatever it takes to make it happen. 
But be patient with yourself. Dreams don't happen overnight. It takes time for dreams to happen, for great things to happen. Wait. 

Never allow anyone to stand between you and your dreams. If you are with someone who does not believe in your dreams, then you have got to keep your dreams to yourself. Because you do not want your dreams to die. If you want your dreams to come true, you have got to surround yourself with positive people, people who are for your dreams, who are for you. 

Never forget your dreams. 
Live in your dreams. 
Love your dreams. 
Practice your dreams. 
And believe in your dreams. 

Do not chase other people's dreams. Even if other people do not believe in your dreams, do not give them up. They are your dreams, not their dreams.  

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