Stop Complaining About What You Can’t Do

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Complaining about what you do not have won't get you anywhere. 
You have many things to be grateful for. 
So stop complaining about what you do not have.
Stop complaining about what you can't do. 
Because while you are still here on this earth, 
you can change the direction of your life. 
You can change yourself. 
You can change your life. 
You can change the lives of the people around you. 

While you are still here, do not waste your life. 
Enjoy every moment of it. 
Live your life with love. 
Live your life with joy. 
Live your life with purpose. 
Live your life with happiness. 
Live your life with gratitude.

Go out there and make the world a better place. 
When you complain, you can't. 
But when you are grateful for what you have, 
for what you can do, you can change the world. 

Life is precious. Do not waste it. 
Instead of complaining about what is not working for you, 
instead of complaining about what you cannot do, 
why not use your time to celebrate what is working for you? 
Why not use your time to bless yourself? 
Why not use your time to create a new path for yourself? 

A new path, a new life.