Don’t Live Someone Else’s Life. Live Your Own Life

Woman Sitting on Deck Chair by Sea
Photo by Pixabay

“Don’t live someone else’s life, incubate your own style.”- Myra Yadav

Happiness comes from living your own life. Happy people live with themselves. You cannot find happiness if you don’t know how to live with yourself.

Your problems are not where you are; they are in your thoughts. They are in your mind. They are not in your vacation home or homes; they are in your mind. The best way to manage your problem is to face it. Don’t let fear stop you from solving your problems.

If you don’t change how you think about your problems, they will always disrupt your happiness. They will always disrupt your life. So learn how to solve your problems before they start to hunt you. If you don’t solve your problems, if you don’t listen to your problems, they will go with you to your vacation in Mexico or Florida. I don’t know where you have one.

Your problems are in your inner palace. To clean up your inner house, you must clean up your mind. To solve your problems, you must learn to look within you, not without you. If you do that, you can solve them.