Change Management

Change In All Things Is Sweet

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“Change in all things is sweet.”- Aristotle

What is he talking about? “Change in all things is sweet.” If change in all things is really sweet, why do so many of us “hate” to change? If it is so good, why do we hate it? Why?

Because change is scary. Change is not comfortable. Change is innovative. Even though change is scary, it is still the best way forward. If you don’t change, time will pass you by. If you don’t change, how can you grow? Your future depends on your ability to change.

Change is scary, but embrace it. That is the only way forward. I don’t know five or six ways to change your life. I do know that if you embrace change, you are set for the future. But if you don’t, you will be left behind. Do you want to be left behind?

Change is what will take you from here to there. Are you ready to love change?

“Change in all things is sweet.”-