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If You Do Not Change What Is Not Working, You Cannot Focus On What Is Working For You

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Growth is not always comfortable. Growth requires us to leave where we are, to do something different, to learn something new, to meet someone who annoys us all the time, and to be ready to grow.

We are human beings. We want to grow, but we don’t want to be uncomfortable. In truth, if we really want to grow, to be happy, to expand, we must be willing and be ready to be uncomfortable. There is no success without pain. There is no happiness without darkness. You cannot move from where you are to where you want to be if you are not ready to be uncomfortable.

It feels good to repeat the same thing every day. That is how we operate. We love routine tasks. We love to stay where we are used to. But if you want to stretch yourself, you must leave your safe zone. As Peter Drucker famously said, “If you don’t abandon, you can’t innovate.” Yes, if we want to happy, we must abandon what is making us unhappy.

If we want to grow in life, we must abandon the things that are holding us back. If we want to be healthy, we must take care of our minds. If we want to have peace of mind, we must do the right things.

You cannot expect to have peace of mind if you are doing the wrong things. It is only the right things that will bring you peace of mind. If you do right, expect right. If you do wrong, expect wrong. You can change the direction of your life by changing your thoughts. You have the power to do it. Do it yourself.