If You Want To ‘Rise To Your Potential’, These Quotes Are For You

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com
Follow your path.
 'Everyone must come to their own realization in their own way and follow their own path. We can't follow someone else's blueprint. Our answer lies within us.''- Payal Kadakia

Be proud of yourself.
'We are at our finest when we wear our differences with pride.''- Payal Kadakia

What are you passionate about?
'Being in your element can reveal so much about who you are and what you love.''- Payal Kadakia

Listen to your voice. Do not ignore it.
'The most important voice to listen to is my voice.''- Payal Kadakia

Live your plan. Do your plan. 
'Are you living your plan A or plan B? If you're living your plan B, what's holding you back from your plan A?''- Payal Kadakia

Be grateful for what you have.
'Remember not to chase what others have. Know what money means to you and more importantly the freedom it can provide. When you think about the kind of life you want, consider what it will cost and what you need.''- Payal Kadakia

Put your money to work
'I don't work for money; money works for me.''- Payal Kadakia

Discipline yourself.
'Achieving expertise or mastery is the result of discipline and hard work. No one reaches a high level through talent or smarts alone. In fact, the inner drive to be best is often the most important factor in success.''- Payal Kadakia

Be grateful for what people have done for you.
'If someone has touched your life, tell them! People don't always know when they've been helpful. Take a moment to reach out and show your gratitude. This will likely motivate the other person to invest even more in you and then go and help someone else.''- Payal Kadakia

Surround yourself with great people.
'Who I surround myself with is my decision.''- Payal Kadakia

Manage your time well.
'We all have the same number of hours in a day, but how we use our time has a tremendous impact on how much we can accomplish and how much fulfilment we can squeeze out of those hours. If your calendar is not serving you, then change it.''- Payal Kadakia