Tag: Success

Be Steady

Photo by Joshua Miranda on Pexels.com
Earl Nightingale once said, "It is to the steady that 
the rewards are eventually paid."

It is true. And it is one of the laws of success.
if you want to be successful, you don't 
have to be the smartest guy or girl in the room. 
But to win, you have got to be steady.
You have got to stay in the game of success.
You have got to be honest with yourself. 
Because without honesty, there can be no success.

And do not forget that life is a game.
A tough game. To win, you must be steady.
You must have the courage to face yourself,
to love yourself, and to be there for others.
Because life is bigger than you. Be steady.

Your Time Will Come

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Pexels.com
Leo Tolstoy said, "Patience is waiting. 
Not passively waiting, that is laziness. 
But to keep going when the going is hard and slow-
that is patience." 

If you want to be successful at what you do,
you have got to be patient with yourself, 
with the process, with life.
Because you can't rush the process.
Because life requires time. 
If you have the courage to wait, 
you will win. You will learn.
Even when the going gets really messy, do not quit.
Keep going. Keep moving. And keep fighting for what you want.
If you do not fight for what you want, 
someone else will take it away from you.
Do you want that to happen to you?
If not, then keep fighting. Keep moving.
Because your time will come.