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Do You Have All The Answers?

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The question is, "Do you have all the answers?"
No, we don't. 
And that is why  we must look for more
questions than answers.

"According to Chris Gardner, "We don't have all
the answers. Bt what we do have is a choice to 
live in our seconds, in our moments, 
And in our limited time in the world."

If you are seekng growth, then you must 
look for more questions, not more answers.

"The answers you get depend on the questions you ask."

If you ask a weak question, you will get a weak answer.
But if you ask a thought-provoking question, 
you will get a thought-provoking answer.

Tough is better than weak. if you are seeking growth,
you must follow tough questions.

Brendon Burchard Quotes On How To Achieve More In Life

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Success is not hard. It is easy. 
But to achieve success, 
you must give more. You must do more. 
And to achieve more in your life,
you must:

Release your full power
"No one can quiet you without your permission.
No one can minimize your self-image but you.
And no one can open you up 
and release your full power but you."- Brendon Burchard

Shop up
"The struggle I'm now facing is necessary,
and it't summing me to show up, be strong,
use it to forge a better future for myself 
and my loved ones."- Brendon Burchard

Let all the drama go
"There's just something magical that happens
in our life when we let all the drama go and 
decide to ask how we can be role models again."-
Brendon Burchard

Go for the big dreams.
"See yourself as a person who loves
challenge and go for the big dreams.
You are stronger than you think, and 
the future holds good things for you."- Brendon Burchard