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Who Do You Want To Spend Your Time With?

Photo by Markus Spiske

There is no BUT in love. If you love me, do not compare me to others. Even if you do not love me, DON’T compare me to others.

It is better to be with someone who appreciates everything about you, who loves you for who you are, who celebrates your flaws, who makes you laugh, who brings out the best in you, who is comfortable spending time with you, who is always there for you, than to be with someone who is ALWAYS comparing you to someone else.

When someone compares you to someone else, it means you are not good enough for them. Do not let people’s opinions control your life. Because you are living your life for yourself, not for people. When people say, “You are not good enough for them, it means they are not good enough for you.” You should let them go. Because you do not need draggers in your life. You need lifters to help you get to the next level. It is better to be free with one great person than to be lonely in company of many people.

Who Are You Seeking?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

William James famously said, ‘Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.”Yes, you are incomparable. Because there is no one like you. God created you to love yourself, not to compare yourself to other people.

Love yourself. If you don’t have the courage to love yourself, who do you think is going to love you? Nobody. Don’t spend your precious time looking for that person who will do everything for you, who will make you happy, who will love you. There is none out there.

Don’t look for that person who will be with you when things are bad, be with yourself. Don’t look for people to blame when things are not going your way, blame yourself.

Look, my friends, before you reach out to people for help, reach out to yourself first. Because everything you are looking for is already inside of you. Whatever you are looking for, you already have. All you need to do is to just believe in yourself. Believe that you are in charge of your life. Believe that you are not going to waste your life trying to please people.

You are not here to please people; you are here to create your own life. You are here to set your own standards. You are not here to live by other people’s standards. And to do that, you must detach yourself from the crowd. Don’t follow the crowd. Do your own thing. Follow your own path. Do not let people define your life for you. Define it yourself. Be comfortable with yourself. Because if you are not comfortable with yourself, you can’t define your purpose in life.

So to be really successful in life, you must define success in your own way. Because success means different things to different people. Whatever it is that you are pursuing, you must take charge of it. If not, you will lose it.