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How Much Do You Want What You Want?

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Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

You know what you want, right? If you know what you want, how much do you really want it?

Do you want what you want because you want people to like you, or do you really want what you want for yourself? Think about it.

The only way to enjoy what you want is to want it for yourself. If you want something for other reasons, you won’t enjoy it.

Your goals have to be your goals. Don’t go after anything because people want you to do it. Do it because you like it. Do it because it makes you happy. Do it because it is bigger than you. Do it because it is really what keeps you going.

Do it if you want it. But don’t do it because everybody is doing it. You are not here to pursue other people’s dreams. You are here to do your own things.

Dr Joseph Murphy said, “How much do you want what you want?” If you want your dream to come true, don’t play with it. Throw yourself into it to make it happen. Don’t just talk about it. You must do the work.

If you really want what you want, you must commit yourself to it to make it happen. If you don’t do that, it means you don’t really want it. Do you really want what you want?

How To Grow Yourself

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich

You cannot grow yourself if you are not ready and willing to grow. Creativity doesn’t happen overnight. Your personal or professional growth is not going to happen overnight. If you want it, you have got be patient with yourself.

You have got to be patient with yourself. If you don’t give up on yourself, you can grow yourself. It is going to take some time. But to get there, according to Earl Prevette, “Things are not built as a whole, but in parts, and each part must be built. You must build a little each day.” If you need to grow badly, it is not going to happen overnight. You have got to commit yourself to it to make it happen.

You are going to lay your foundation one brick at a time. And before you lay your brick, you must know yourself. You can’t grow yourself if you don’t yourself. According to John Maxwell, “You must know yourself to grow yourself.” Are you ready to grow yourself? If you are ready, just lay one brick at a time.