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If You Are Not Making Progress, This Is What You Are Not Doing

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com
Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do with your life? 
If you do not know what you want for yourself, ask yourself this question:
"What do I really want for myself?" Answer it honestly. Face it squarely.
Do not hide behind anything. Do not hide behind any past failures, fears. Don't.
Because you are better than you think you really are. 

Do not be scared to question yourself. Ask yourself some tough questions. Ask yourself questions that you can't even answer. 
Ask yourself questions like these ones:
"Why am I here?" "Am I growing?" "Do I know what I really want?" Are my dreams really my dreams?" "Am I spending my time with the right people?" "If I am not getting the right results, what am I going to do to get to where I want to be?" 
And be comfortable with the answers. Take actions.
Actions lead to growth. And you can't grow if you do not have the courage to look at yourself in the mirror. 
To grow, you must question your actions. To grow, you must have the courage to question yourself, to question where you are, and to question what you are doing. Will you?

Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com
Yes, stand on your own two feet. You have what it takes to do it. Do not say you don't have what it takes to stand on your own two feet. You do. 
What are you doing right now to take charge of your life? Are you standing up for yourself, or are you afraid to stand up for yourself? 
It is not easy to take a stand, but if you believe in yourself, you can do it. 
You have only one purpose on this earth- to represent yourself, to find yourself, to take charge of your life.
The quality of your life depends upon how you treat yourself. The love you have for others depends upon the love you have for yourself. If you do not have love, you can't give love. 
Do not give what you do not have. If you have, give. If you don't, then don't.
Never please others to make yourself unhappy.
It is good to help other people, but do not let them take advantage of you. It is good to love other people, but do not abuse it. Because love brings love. Because life is love. 
When you are facing adversity, stand on your own two feet. Do not fear. Do not give in.
Adversity is your friend. It is here to make you a better person, not a weaker person.
Adversity is here to strengthen your spine, to bring out the best in you, to separate you from other people. 
Adversity is a promoter. When adversity comes, prepare for growth. Take a stand. Encourage yourself. Do not discourage yourself, no matter how tough. Only the brave can defeat adversity.
Life is for the brave. It takes courage to live a courageous life. 
When you are facing adversity, do not run away from it. When you run away from adversity, you are running away from growth. You are running away from opportunities. 
If you want to grow, it is better to run to adversity, not away from it. 
If you are afraid to face adversity, you will always run away from life, from growth.
You can change that. To do that, you must stand on your own two feet.