Upset Yourself

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To get better at what you do, you must upset yourself. Do not settle for less. Because you are more than less. You are greater than what you are giving yourself. You know more than you are doing. You have more than you are giving.

Look, life does not cheat. If you want to be successful, if you want to live a meaningful life, do not cheat yourself.

You must upset yourself. Do not be a follower, take the lead. And do not be afraid to try something new. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself. Take risks. Take risks and do something completely different from what you have been doing. Take a new path. Do not follow the beaten path.

Upset yourself. Why is that? Because it is more important to grow than to be comfortable. It is more important to choose you than to choose others. It is more important to follow your own path than to follow the crowd. And it is more important to master yourself than to master others.

So why not upset yourself? Why not make yourself uncomfortable?