The Dalai Lama On How To Practice Compassion In Everyday Life

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Reach out to other people. You are here to bring out the best in other people. Remember, the world is bigger than you.

If you want to make the world a better place, you can start by reaching out to other people.

And do not forget to practice the art of compassion every day. The world needs it. People need it. And you need it.

According to The Dalai Lama, to practice the art of compassion,

‘We must recognize that life is suffering. We must have a profound desire to transcend it. … we must also have the compassionate ambition to relieve the all-pervasive sufferings of others.’

‘We must have loving-kindness, the wish to provide everyone with supreme happiness.’

‘We must work to recognize our dependence on those for whom we feel compassion.’

‘We must contemplate the shortcomings of self-centeredness, seeing how it causes us to act in unvirtuous ways and how our own present fortune takes advantage of those less fortunate.’

‘A change of mind is a change of mind.’

‘An open heart is an open heart.’

‘When we feel most stingy, we must make an extra effort to be generous. When we feel impatient or judgmental, we must do our utmost to be patient.’