6 Important Things You Need To Know About A Courageous Person

Photo by Davyd Bortnik on Pexels.com
It takes courage to live our lives. It takes courage to refuse what other people wants us to do. It takes courage to do what is not popular. 
And above all, it takes to conquer ourselves.

Without courage, fear will eat us for breakfast. Without courage, small-minded people will steal our dreams away from us. 

If you want to become a courageous person, someone who can put fear to a good use, then you have to do courageous things. You have got to leave your comfort zone. And you have got to have the spine to stand up for what you believe in. If not, fear will take over your life. 

As for a person of courage, Swami Sivananda said, 'A man of courage does not tremble in the hour of danger.
He is not embarrassed and bewildered.
He does not sink down. 
He is not overwhelmed by despair...
He smiles away all dangers and difficulties,
blows the trumpet of triumph and attains victory in the end.''