Say Yes To Your Life

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If you want live a purposeful life, 
you must first say yes to the one you are living right now. 

In his book Getting to Yes with Yourself and Other Worthy Opponents, 
William Ury writes, 'Getting to yes with yourself is about changing 
the inner game so that we can then change the outer game.'

That is the way life goes. If you want something to change,
then pay attention to your inner game. 
You can do that. It is within your power.
If you can't control what is going on within, 
you can never control  what is going on without.

And do not try to help others if you can't help yourself. 
To influence other people, you must first influence yourself. 
To quote William Ury, 'If we can learn to influence ourselves
first before we seek to influence others, we will be better able to satisfy our 
needs as well as to satisfy the needs of others.''

Before you say yes to others, you must first say yes to yourself.