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Why You Should Reach Out For Help

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We are stronger when we work together.
To get what you are looking for, you must reach out for help.
If you are going through something
that is bigger than you, don't try to face it alone.

Because you are not alone. You are with someone.
We are all connected.
If you need something from others, pocket your pride.
To get what you want, you must pocket your pride.
You must get out of your comfort zone.
Because they are not coming to you.
Always go for what you want, no matter what.

It does not matter what you are going through. 
Believe it or not, so many people have been there.
They have experienced what you are experiencing right now.

If you are going through tough times in your life, 
people have been there. 
If you are going through financial difficulties
in your life, people have been there. 
If you are not getting good grades, people have been there.
All you have to do is reach out for help. 
Do not do it alone. Do not suffer it alone.
Why is that? Because you are a 'global citizen.'