This Is Where You Should Be

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Your future is important. But will you commit yourself, your soul
to living it in the moment?
Will you commit to facing your life. If so, then here is what
Prem Rawat said about living our lives in the moment.
He said, "All our lives are lived in today. Right now. This second.
And this second. We can't live in yesterday, we can't live in tomorrow.
Besides, today is where the magic happens. Today is the place we can truly
feel peace, joy, and love. It is where you should be: present in the present.
To experience today, we need to remove yesterday and tomorrow,
and then we are left with what is real."

And that is today. And that is now. Today is real. 
If you are not living it, then you are missing out. 
That does not mean you should forget about your future.
Do not forget your future. but focus on what is 
happening around you right now, this moment, today.
Because if you focus too much on what is going to happen
tomorrow, you will miss what is happening right now.
And your tomorrow depends on what you are doing 
right now.
Focus on tomorrow, but enjoy today.