Today Is Your Best Day

Scenic View of Rice Paddy
Photo by Pixabay

Nothing is more important than this moment. Why are you not living it? Why are you wasting it to re-live your past pains? Why are you using this beautiful moment to think about negative things?

You can’t move forward if you keep living in your past. Today is your best day. You must choose to live it. Today is your best day. You must choose to enjoy it. Today is your best day. You must use it to love yourself. Today is your best day. You must use it to connect with your inner world. Today is your best day. Do not use it to think about the past. Today is your best day. You must use it to focus on where you are going. It is your best day.

It is your best day. Choose to live it. Choose love. Choose happiness. Choose yourself. Yes, you can choose yourself. You are unique. You are special. Do not make the mistake of waiting for someone to choose you for you. It won’t happen. If you really want to move forward, you must choose yourself. You must let go of your past mistakes. You must stop re-living your past pains. It is time to choose yourself. It is time to start living your true life. If not this moment, when? If not on your best day, when?

Every Moment Is Different

Blue White and Yellow Abstract Painting
Photo by Anni Roenkae

“Every moment is different.” That is why you should never ignore your present moment. Wherever you are, be there. Whatever you are doing, do it well. It is important to love your life. Life is too short to waste. Love your life. You deserve love. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t focus your attention on what is bad. Instead of doing that, why not focus your attention on what you are doing right. When you focus on your life, you can change yourself. You can work on yourself. You can get rid of what is making you unhappy.

If you want to enjoy your precious life, you’ve got to love your life. You must pay attention to what you are doing. I am not saying you should do meditation. But if you can do it to relax yourself, why not? But if you can’t, don’t worry yourself about it. You will be fine. You don’t need a meditation studio to calm your life, to be present.

If you want to enjoy people, pay attention to them. When you are with people, when you are with a friend, when you are with your partner, when you are with a teacher, when you are doing your meditation, when you are reading a great book, when you are watching a TV, you must be there. You must be present. The best thing you can do for yourself is to pay attention to your soul. Don’t ignore your feelings. Don’t ignore the talk you are having with yourself. Try to learn something from it. Everything is important. Nothing is useless. Everything is different. Every moment is different. According to Natalie Goldberg, “Every moment is different. Different things works. One isn’t wrong and the other right.” She is right. Every day is not going to be fun. You are not going to be happy every day. You are not going to meet good people every day. It is not going to happen like that. Things are different. People are different. But we are all looking for the same thing: Love.

Since everything is different, since people are different, since every moment is different, don’t play with yourself. You must celebrate yourself. Don’t wait for people to make your life for you. They are not going to make it for you. All you have to do to change your life is to pay attention to your life. Because every moment is different.