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5 Life Lessons Of The Day From Sam Harris

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Everything around you is an opportunity 
to learn more about yourself, 
to learn more about the people around you, 
and to learn more about the world.
Whatever you do, learn from it.
Wherever you are, learn from it. 
Because everything is a learning opportunity.
Take it. Do not let it go.

We grow when we learn. We don't grow when we don't learn.
If you really care about life lessons, you can start right 
with these ones from Sam Harris, a philosopher and neuroscientist

"Honesty is a gift we can give to others."
"Honesty is a gift we can give to others. 
It is also a source of power and an engine of simplicity.
Knowing that we will attempt to tell the truth, 
whatever the circumstances, 
leaves us with little to prepare for. 
We can simply be ourselves."

"Your life doesn't get any better than your mind is:
"Your life doesn't get any better than your mind is:
You might have wonderful friends, perfect health, 
a great career, and everything else you want, 
and you can still be miserable."

"Do not live your life in the future."
"We manage to never really connect with the present
moment and find fulfillment there because
we are continually hoping to become
happy in the future, and the future never arrives."

"The reality of your life is now."
"However much you feel you may need to plan
for the future, to anticipate it, to mitigate risks,
the reality of your life is now."

No one is perfect. No life is perfect. 
"Many people who experience illness imagine
that everyone else is blissfully getting on 
with life in perfect health- and this illusion 
compounds their suffering."