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Why You Should Make Peace With Your Past

Photo by Lachlan Ross

Make peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present.”– Regina Brett

To get ahead, to enjoy the present, you must take care of your past. Whether you like it or not, whether you want to hear it or not, you cannot separate yourself from your past. Instead, why not focus on how you are going to make things right in the present?

Because if you do not take care of the present, the past is going to repeat itself.

To live well, you must work well. To enjoy tomorrow, you must work today. To reap tomorrow, you must plant today.

You must take care of the little things. They are powerful. They can screw you up. They can derail your plans. They can stop you from getting to where you want to be. They are stronger than you think. So if you want to enjoy where you are, you must do the hard work. Regina Brett says, “If you don’t do the hard work, you will constantly bump into your past…”


Because wherever you go, you will meet your past.

Because your past is you. It is part of your life, of your history, of your book. You can’t live your life without it. You can’t write your story without it. Do not hate your past, embrace it.