personal development

Why You Should Dare Things That Can’t Be Done

Photo by Mridul Pradeep

“Men who blaze new trails, charter new routes, pioneer new methods, make new discoveries and invent new things are men who dare to do things that can’t be done. While others falter, they go forward.”- Earl Prevette

Whatever you want for yourself, you must go for it. Keep your heart open to it. If you do, you will get it. Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward. No matter how hard, just keep going, keep moving, keep doing.

If you are not getting the right results, do not give up. All you need to do is to change your strategy, not your goal. Remember, good things take time. You cannot grow yourself all at once. It takes time to really grow.

To grow yourself, you must take one step at a time. Be patient with yourself. Be kind. And it will work.