personal development

“A Man Does Not Need Pull.” Here Is What You Need

Photo by Valiantsin Konan

“A man does not need pull. He needs to think. A challenge to dare, an incentive to undertake, and an urge to begin turns most things into a blessing.”- Earl Prevette

Then what do you need to do to get to where you want to go? It does not matter what you want, if you really want to get it, you must be your own motivator. Don’t wait for people to pull you. You can push yourself. You also need to believe in yourself, to be comfortable with yourself, to know what you really want, and the courage to go for what you want.

Opportunities are out there. But to get them, you must leave your comfort zone. You must believe in yourself. And you must be open to everything you meet. If you can do that, you can win. And you will win.