personal development

To Get To The Top, You Must Climb Your Own Mountain

Photo by Eric Sanman
Life is a mountain.
You can get to the top
If you have the courage 
To climb it. 

If there is something 
You want to achieve 
For yourself, for the people around you,
You must climb your own mountain.
And to do that, you must prepare yourself.
You must prepare your mind.
And it must be your own mountain.
If not, you are going to give up
When the going gets really tough.

When the going gets really tough,
Don't give up. Keep going. Keep dreaming.
Just think about what is going to
Happen once you reach the top of your mountain.

When you focus on what is 
Going to happen once you achieve 
Your goal, once you reach your place,
The power to hang in there will come to you.

When the going gets really tough,
When the climbing gets really tough,
When life isn't fair to you, 
Just remember where you are going.
And keep going.