personal development

Nothing Works Without You

Photo by Karl Solano
What is a straight line? What does it mean to you?
Is life a straight line business? Is it a straight line thing?
If you are honest with yourself, if we are honest here, 
the answer is no. No, it is not. It is not. It is not even fair.
And it is not supposed to be fair. But you can make 
your life better than fair. 

It is not going to happen without your help.
it is not going to happen wihout your commitment.
Because nothing in life works without action.
Talk is easy. Talk is cheap, but action makes things happen.
Nothing happens without you doing something about it.
The question is, Are you going to do something about it?
Are you going to cultivate the courage to take action to change your life?

Do you have the courage to challenge yourself?
Do you have the courage to put your assumptions to test?
If you have it, go ahead and put it to work. 
But if you don't have it, why not? What are you doing about it?
Because without courage, you are not going anywhere.