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5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Time

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What is time? Time is life.

Here are five most important things you should know about time:

There is time for everything.

There is a time for some things, and a time for all things; a time for great things, and a time for small things.”- Miguel de Cervantes

Nothing is permanent.

“Nothing is permanent in all the world. All things are fluent; every image forms, wnadering through change.”- Ovid

Make time for important things.

“You don’t find time for important things, you make it.”- Randy Pausch

Time changes all things.

Time changes all things and cultivates even in herself and appreciation of irony,- and, therefore, why shouldn’t I have chnaged a trifle.”- James Branch Cabell

Do nothing secretly.

“Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all.”- Sophocles

“Time eases all things.”-