The Only Joy In The World Is To Begin

Elder sister and brother studying at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

We are happy when we are growing. Why is that? Because living is growing. If we are not growing, we are not moving closer to our dreams. And to move closer to our dreams, to pursue our dreams, we must do something. We must act. We must take action to get things done. We must stop talking. We must start doing. We must challenge ourselves. And to do that, we must take the first step. We must begin. According to Cesare Pavese, “The only joy in the world is to begin. it is good to be alive because living is beginning; always, every moment.” Don’t give in to your fears. Do not worry about how long it is going to take you to achieve your dreams. Just take the first step. Just begin. Remember what Seneca said. Seneca said, “Whatever begins, also ends.” If you want to grow, you must cultivate the courage to start. Do not wait for the perfect time. When it comes to your dreams, the best time is now. When it comes to your dreams, the best place to start is where you are. Are you ready?