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If You Want To Create Lasting Change In Your Life, You Must Speak The Truth

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Photo by Brett Jordan

It is easier to tell yourself false stories than to face yourself. The moment you start telling yourself false stories about your life, about your failures, you start believing them.

Stop telling yourself false stories. You are not your stories. You are better than your stories. Do not let your stories define you. Do not let your stories determine how far you can go in your life, in your career. Instead of telling yourself false stories, tell yourself positive stories about yourself. Do not forget anything about it.

We all have stories. You need your real self to get better in your life. You cannot get better if you don’t know everything about yourself. Talking of getting better, if you want to really get better, if you want to grow yourself, if you want to change your life, you need to change what you are doing right now that is not working for you. You need to work on yourself. You need to work on your habits. You need to change the negative stories you tell yourself about your life.

Free yourself from the negative stories you tell yourself. A life of authenticity awaits you. A life of happiness and love awaits you. Live your real life. Stop compromising your life. Stop giving your life away. Because telling yourself false stories is not getting you closer to yourself- your real self. It is doing the opposite.