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You Have To Think Big To Be Big

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Photo by ShonEjai

You don’t have to think small to be big. According to Claude M. Bristol, “You have to think big to be big.” You want to do great things in your life. You love talking about success. You want to hang out with successful people. You love them. You can’t stop talking about them. It is good to admire them for what they have achieved for themselves. But the question is: Why are you here? What are your dreams? What do you want to accomplish in your own life? That is what you should be thinking about.

You can’t think about your future without thinking big. And it requires you to be brave, tough, and smart. It requires you to be brave, not timid.

And you can’t do that by thinking small. You can’t achieve greatness by doing small things, by thinking small, by acting small, by living small. You can’t move past your fears by hiding in your comfort zone. You can’t better your life by refusing to let go of your past mistakes. If you want to get big things done in your life, you must learn to think big. Don’t let your fears stop you from thinking big. Do not spend your life focusing on doing small things. Remember, big things come from doing big things. Successful people thinks big thoughts. They think big. They don’t play with their lives. Yes, it is not easy to change overnight. But if you really want to change yourself, it starts with thinking big. Great things never come from thinking small. So if you want big things, think big, not small.