You Can’t Be Yourself By Trying To Be Different

Photo of Two Laughing Women Walking Past Graffiti Wall
Photo by Savannah Dematteo on

The hardest thing to do in a world that wants you to be something else is to be yourself. It is easier to be yourself than to be someone else. You can be yourself if you just focus on your life. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Changing because people want you to change is a waste of your time. The only way to find yourself is to be yourself. Don’t imitate anyone. Imitate yourself. Compare yourself to yourself. Successful people compare themselves to themselves. They live their lives, not yours. James Allen said, “Follow, under all circumstances, the highest prompting within you.”

To live a good life is to live your life. You can’t find happiness if you are not living your own life. You cannot achieve anything if you are not yourself. Life starts with you. Happiness is in you. Success starts with you. Remember, everything starts with you.

Don’t change because people want you to change. Change your life because you want to change. You must know yourself to change yourself. You must be yourself to change yourself, to change your life. Don’t be different, be you.

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