Everything Is Beautiful

Red and Black Bird on Red Flowers
Photo by Pixabay On Pexels.com

Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.“- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Everything in life is beautiful. The problem is, people pay too much attention to the wrong things- problems, wars, sad news, sad stories, but little to no attention to the beauty of life.

“The more we feed our minds with problems, the more will continue to search for problems.”

“Everything is beautiful if you pay attention to the beauty in it.”

Wherever you go, look for things that will make you happy. Look for things that will refill your happiness bank account. Don’t look for sad stories. Don’t listen to sad stories. Listen to good stories.

Don’t look for people who will feed you with bad news. The world has billions of them. Run way from them. They are infectious. If you stay with them, they will infect you with their sad stories.

Every moment is beautiful if you pay attention to what you are doing. If you are having a conversation with your friend, pay attention. That will allow you to understand what your friend is talking about. Be there!

“Everything in life is beautiful if you can just learn how to search for big things in small places.”

Everything in your life is beautiful if you can just pay attention to what GOD has done for you.

Are you living? Yes

Are you talking? Yes

Are you eating? Yes

Are you hearing? Yes

Is your heart still pumping? Yes

You have nothing to worry about. “Stop worrying and start living.”

Life is not without issues. You cannot live your life without issues. The different is how you handle them. Instead of worrying yourself, find a way to fix them and start your life again.

Worry kills. Fear kills. Doubt kills.

Happiness rescues. Solutions rescue.

You will enjoy your life even more if you pay your 100% attention to the beauty of life.

“Every moment has something to teach you if you are ready. Every moment has something to present to you if you are ready to receive it. Are you ready?”

To see the beauty in every moment, YOU MUST OPEN YOUR MIND. Because if you close your mind, nothing gets in. And if nothing gets into your mind, nothing will come out.

Open your eyes, your mind, and you will see the beauty of life.

Life is really beautiful!