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Know Your Why

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com
Why matters. Your purpose matters.
You needs your why. The world needs your why.
Because it matters.
Even if you have no clue, but you are here for a reason.
You are who you are for a reason.
You are doing what you are doing for a reason.

And to explore your why, the reason you are here
on earth, you must know why you want your why.
Do not follow other people's dreams.
Even if you have the courage to do it,
you won't be happy with the results.

When you know what you are looking for, 
it is easier to get than when you don't
know what you are looking for.
So if you know what you are looking for, then go get it.

According to Gezim Gashi, "When you know your why,
when you are committed to sharing your gifts
authentically and serving others, you will start
changing other people's lives."

The question is, "Do you know your why?"

Peace Is Not The Absense Of Problems

Photo by RODNAE Productions

A life without peace is not 
the best way to live.
Peace is not the absence of chaos.
Peace is the ability to live with chaos.

Peace is how we manage our problems.
Because we cannot live without problems.
Peace is not the absence of fear. 
Peace is how we deal with our fears.

If we really want to enjoy our lives,
It is very important to make peace 
With ouselves. Because if we are not
At peace with ourselves, we are not
going to do well in our lives.

The reason why some of us are not 
At peace with themselves, with their lives,
Is that they don't believe in themselves.
They do not believe in what they can do.
They believe other people are better than them.
They are always trying to make other people happy.
They are people pleasers. They live for other people.
They believe in others, not in themselves.
They do not like what they see in the morning
When they wake up. Always against themselves.
They are not comfortable with who they are.

How can you live a peaceful life when you are 
Always against yourself, when you are always against your life?
It is not possible. And it will never be possible.

You have a way forward. You have a path forward.
To go forward, to take a step toward your dreams,
Remember that you are who you are for a reason.
Do not forget that it is better to be you than to
Be somebody else, than to be your fake self.
No matter what, do not try to copy other people.
It is ALWAYS better to be you. And always will be.