Why We Want To Live On

Why are we here? Why are we on this earth?
Why do we want to live on, no matter what?
Are you here to help or to hurt?
Are you striving for something?
What is it? Is it your own dream?
Or someone else's dream?

Why do you want to live on, no matter what?
Is it because you want to help yourself?
Is it because you want to help others?

To help others, you must first help yourself.
Because you can't give what you do not have.
But to really live a great life, you are not going to live it alone.
You are not here for yourself. You are here for others.
We live on because of our friends, the ones who care about us,
the ones who have the courage to accept us for who we are,
the ones we trust, the ones who are real, not fake.

Life is sweet when you are sweet, when your heart is sweet,
when the people around you is sweet.
Life is bitter when you are bitter, when your heart is bitter,
when the people around you are there for the wrong reasons.

But do not let that stand between you and the love you have for other people.
And do not forget that life is love. When you love yourself, when you love
others, love will follow you. And you will have the courage to live on.

Without love, we can't live on. Without love, you can't help others.
Without love, you can't even help yourself.
Because life depends on love.