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Accept Who You Are

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Life starts with you. 
When you accept yourself, you expand yourself. 
When you love yourself, you expand your life. 

No matter what is going on in your life, 
accept yourself for who you are. 

If you want other people to accept you, 
you must first accept yourself. 
If you want other people to love you, 
you must love yourself. 

Do not forget that everything in your life starts with you. 
If you don't love yourself, you are rejecting yourself. 
If you do not accept yourself, you are not for yourself. 
You are against yourself. You are against your dreams. 
You are against your goals. 
And you are against your future. 

Accept yourself for who you are. 
No one is perfect, including yourself. 
So no matter what, do not beat yourself up. 
Because if you love yourself, you will not reject yourself. 
You will celebrate yourself. 
If you accept yourself, you will not reject yourself. 
You will not do anything to hurt yourself, your life. 

You are responsible for accepting yourself, 
for giving yourself love. 
Do not wait for others to love you 
before you love yourself. 
Do not wait for others to improve your life. 
No one is going to do it for you.

 It is you and only you are resposnsible for your life. 
You and only you are responsible for loving yourself, 
for making your life better, for creating a new path for yourself. 

If you want others to treat you well, 
you must first treat yourself well. 
If you want others to love you, 
you must first love your life. Because it is your life.

4 Valuable Life Lessons From Tyler Perry

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We cannot control everything around us, but we can control ourselves. If we can control ourselves, then we can control everything within us. Do not worry about things you cannot control. Worry about yourself, your future, what you are doing. Worry about how you are going to nurture your seeds. The seeds of happiness. The seeds of joy. The seeds of love. The seeds of life. The seeds of becoming. If you can take care of them, if you can nurture your imagination, your future will take care of itself.

To live well, you must nurture yourself. And your life will get easier, according to Tyler Perry,

When you:

“Nurture your imagination with hard work, positive energy, ease, and self- encouragement.”- Tyler Perry, Higher is Waiting

If you do not encourage yourself, if you do not support yourself, no one is going to encourage you. If you want to suceed, be your own supporter.

“Life gets easier and happier when we let people be whoever they truly are. Stop expecting them to give you what they don’t have or don’t know how to give.”- Tyler Perry, Higher is Waiting

What you cannot give yourself, do not expect it from other people.

“When you know your worth, when you know your value, your life changes and you change lives.”- Tyler Perry, Higher is Waiting

When you know who you are, you know what you are worth. As a result, you do not settle for less than you are worth.

Make a holy commitment to your beautiful self that you will only water the seeds of love, kindness, and self-worth, and you’ll let feelings of unworthiness wither on the vine.”- Tyler Perry, Higher is Waiting

Because love is life. Love is peace.

Because kindness is connection. Kindness is life.

Because self-worth is everything. Self-worth is you. Your self-worth is your life worth.

It is your inner life. It is your power. It is your inner energy.

If you do not have it, it is never to late to grow it.

If you are committed to it, you can grow it. You can develop it.

If you are willing to face yourself, you can grow your self-worth.