Figure Out What You Can Do And Do It Really Well

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You are here to achieve success. You are not here to fail. You are here to make your dreams possible. And to make your dreams possible, you must do one thing for yourself.

You must figure out what you are good at and do it really well. Don’t forget that you are good at something. I don’t know what you are good at. Only you know what you are good at. Whatever you are good at, go for it!

If you are good at making other people laugh, then go do it. Find out how you are going to turn it into something bigger than yourself.

If you are good at painting, then go out and paint. Is it going to be easy, no. But if you commit yourself to it, you can make it happen.

If you are good at teaching, why not focus on it?

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Why? Because success comes from strengths, not from weaknesses.

You can do it. You can figure it out. You can make it happen. And that is why you are here.