Gary John Bishop On How To End Self-Sabotage And Demand Your Life Back

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What is life? Are you living your life? Or
are you just surviving? Let us find out.

According to Bishop, 'Life just is. What you call it is up to you. Bear in mind you'll have to live with your call.'' Remember, you are the boss of your life. And you are responsible for taking it to the next level. If not you, then who?

'A big part of living the life you want is taking ownership of your choices, now and in the future.' That is the game of life. If you want to grow more than you are right now, it starts with facing your own music. If you want to get to the next level, if you want your boss to see you, to notice you, you must take responsibility for your life. You must take ownership of your choices, of your decisions. 

'You just can't keep responding on ordinary ways if you are truly out to live an extraordinary life.'
To live the life you want for yourself, you must focus on developing yourself. Because you are not going to get what you want if you are not developing yourself. Growth brings success. Growth brings happiness. 

'Telling yourself the truth is rarely easy, but it's a surefire way to free yourself from your own subconcious self-sbotage trap.' Telling the truth is not easy. But if you want to grow, if you want to unstuck yourself, it starts with the truth. If you are not being true to yourself, then you are not going to reach your potential.

'If you spend your life wanting to be happy, by its very nature you're constantly starting from a place unhappy.' Happiness does not come from focusing on it. Happiness comes from thinking happy thoughts, from doing good things, from changing the world around you. If you want to be happier, you must focus on your thoughts, not your actions.

'When your attention is primarily on what's out of reach, there'll always be something you never quite have.' You are not happy because your attention is on the things that you do not have. Ask yourself, What do I have that is working for me? That is where your attention should be. Why? We lose what we don't appreciate.

'Your 'truth' and 'the truth' are not the same, even though you have designed your life around the idea that they are.' To live a great life, to follow your heart, you must have the courage to stand up for something, something bigger than you. And no matter how uncomfortable, never forget the truth.

'It takes as much effort to live a crappy life as it does a great one. And you're the only one who can choose which you want to live.' Life is not fair. It is not easy. But when it comes to your own life, you are the only one who can design your life. Why is that? Because you know what you want for yourself.

'Every day, several times a day, sometimes hundreds of times a day and for countless days to come, you have to ask yourself, 'What is my future telling me to do right now?' 

Whatever it is, you can do it. And go do it.