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Go For More, Not For Average

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You are here for greatness. If you are not going after your greatness, you are going after average. I don't think that is the right thing to do with your time. Do not forget that you are not going to be here forever. 
So whatever you are doing, give it your best. Do not accept anything less than your best. 

To get the best, you must give the best. To get to greatness, you must take whatever it is that you are doing seriously. If not, you are not going to get there.

Never settle for less. If you settle for less, you will get less. You won't get more than you give.
That is not how life works. Whatever you want, you must go for it. 
If you give more, you will get more. If you give less, you will get less.
You can do more. You can achieve greatness. To achieve it, you must never settle for less. You must go for more, not less.