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Change Is Possible

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John Maxwell and Bob Hoskin write, "Transformation is possible for anyone 
willing to learn and live good values, value people, 
and collaborate with others to create a positive vale values culture."

Tranformation is change. If you want to get to the other side of life, 
you must drop what is holding you back.
If anger is holding you back from living a positive life,
it is time to drop it. If you do not drop anger, it will drop you.
If fear is holding you back from living your dreams, it is time to face it.
If envy is holding you back, it is tike to stop envying other people for what they have.
If you are holding yourself back, it is time you start telling yourself the truth about you.

Because transformation is about your soul, not about your body.

It is possible. Change is possible 
Change is possible. But you have got to be patient with yourself. 
Remember that great things take time to grow. To have them, be patient.