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3 More Life Lessons From Saul Alinsky

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It does not matter what you know, where you are, 
what has happened to you in the past, to reach your destination, 
to achieve your dreams, you must take a new step. 
You must do new things, things that are related to your dreams,
things that are getting you closer to your dreams,
not things that are taking you away from your dreams. 

If you are tired of doing the same thing,
if you want to move to the next level, 
if you want to change your life, 
then explore these three life lessons from Saul Alinsky

"It does not matter what you know about anything, 
if you cannot communicate to your people.
In that event you are not a failure,
you are just not there."- Paul Alinsky

Know what you want
"The end is what you want and the means 
is how you get it."- Saul Alinsky

Take a new step
"... Taking a new step is what people fear the most."
- Saul Alinsky