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You Can Be Greater Than You Are

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You can be greater than you are.
It is not about what you are doing;
It is about how you are doing it.
It is about what you doing every day.

The only way to change your life is to 
Keep your dream in your mind,
Is to hang out with the right people.

People are not successful because 
the people they hang out with don't 
represent their dreams. 

So if you want to be successful, 
You must hang out with successful people.
If you want to get ahead in your life, 
You must focus on what you want for yourself.
You must believe in yourself. 
You must be willling to forget yourself.
You must give up bad habits.
You must spend time with encouragers.
And do not spend your life trying to make others happy.
It won't work. 

If you try to do it, you will miss where your are going.