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Whatever You Are Seeking, Seek It With Care

Woman Sitting On Concrete Stairs Using Laptop
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Whatever one lacks in oneself he must seek outside.”- Xun Zi

Seek things. Whatever you are seeking, seek it with care. Do not seek what everybody is seeking. You are created for something special. You are created for something, not for everything. Do not just follow people. If you cannot question them, if you cannot question their motives, do not follow them. Instead of following people you don’t trust, it is better to follow yourself.

If something is not right, do not seek it. If something is going to add pain to your life, do not seek it. Seek love. Seek life. Seek positive relationships. Happiness is good, but do not seek it. Instead of seeking happiness, give happiness to other people. Wherever you go, go with happiness. Always make people happy. When you that, your happiness tank will never empty. Always seek with care. Always seek with love. Always seek with compassion. When you go after things, remember, you are what you are seeking. You are what you are chasing. So before you dive into anything, make sure you examine yourself on the inside. Do not ignore how you feel on the inside about what you are seeking. If it feels right, do it. If it does not, do not do it.