The Importance Of What We Think

Forest Covered in White Fog
Photo by Johannes Plenio

“By far the most vital lesson I have ever learned is the importance of what we think. If I knew what you think, i would know what you are. Our thoughts make us what we are.”- Dale Carnegie

Our thoughts are powerful. They can change our lives. They can make or break us. But you can change your thoughts whenever you want. Your thoughts are under your control. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your life. And you can change your thoughts with practice. No matter what is happening in your life, the best medicine to heal your heart is positive thought. When you are going through things, use the power of positive thoughts to change the situation.

“The mind whose doors are guarded by good shuts out unhappiness…”- James Allen

Negative thoughts will not remain. They will go away. If you want to change your life, positive thoughts will transform you into a positive person. According to James Allen, “There is no greater happiness than to be occupied with good, whether it be good thoughts, good actions, or good employment; for every good thing is fraught with bliss, and evil cannot enter the heart or house that is tenanted by all that is good.” A happy life starts with a positive mind. Evil or negative thoughts cannot enter a positive heart.

“Our thoughts make us who we are.”- Dale Carnegie

If you want to be happier in your life, you must guard your heart. As James Allen once said, “Unhappiness can only enter through unguarded doors…”