personal development

Stop Thinking Lack

Bird's Eye View Of Desert
Photo by Walid Ahmad

Stop thinking lack. Do not think lack. You don’t represent lack. You represent prosperity. Your life represents prosperity, not lack. You are a child of God. God represents prosperity. So if you want to attract prosperity into your life, you must stop thinking lack. Instead, dominate your mind with prosperity thoughts.

Lack thoughts bring lack. Prosperity thoughts bring prosperity. Norman Vincent Peale said, “If you are living a paltry life, resolve to stop it today. Expect great things to happen. Confidently receive God’s blessings. Do not think lack. Instead think prosperity, abundance, the best of everything.”

You attract what you think about into your life. Think confident thoughts. Think abundance thoughts. Think positive thoughts. Expect the best things to happen. Expect love. Expect prosperity. Do not think lack. If you think the best thoughts, you will attract the best to yourself. Stop thinking lack. You are a child of God, not a child of lack.