You Can Make Yourself Happy

Panoramic View of Sea Against Blue Sky
Photo by Pixabay

Do you know who is responsible for your happiness?

Are you waiting for your best friend to make you happy?

Do you think you can make yourself happy?

Do you think your best friend or your government can make you happy?

If you are waiting for people to make you happy, if you are waiting for your boss to make you happy, it is time to change how you see yourself.

Your happiness is in your pocket. Your happiness is in your mind. Your happiness is in your actions. Your happiness is in your thoughts. If you want to make yourself happy, help people, serve others, reach out to the sick, be there for yourself. You can also make yourself happy by staying away from the things that are making you unhappy. For example, if you have a terrible friend, send him or her away.

But if you are responsible for your own unhappiness, it is time to change your mindset.

Happiness comes from you. It comes from your actions. If you want to be happy, if you want to live your life, you must think positive thoughts. Because everything starts with your thoughts.

Never put your happiness in people’s hands. It is dangerous. It is cancerous. It is not going to help you get better,

do better,

live better.

Always remember, you are the only person who can make you happy. No one can do it for you. You can make yourself happy. Try it and see what happens.