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Love Is Healing

Love is acceptance.

Blue Peacock
Photo by Pixabay

“Love is wholeness- and love is healing.”– Robert Holden, PhD

Love is ready for you. Open yourself to it. Invite love into your life. We need love to go through difficult times. Love knows no boundaries. It connects everyone together. Love does not separate us. It brings the world together. If you want to attract love into your life, you must master the art of love.

“What we love, we respect.”

What we love, we trust. What we love, respect. What we love, we protect. What we love, we celebrate. What we love, we heal. What we love, we nourish. What we love, we promote.

But you can’t love others without loving yourself. You are first. You should love yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others.

Love is action. If you love someone, show it to the person. If you love yourself, show it to yourself. Don’t preach love, show love. Live your love. Breathe your love. And love yourself, no matter what.

Love is not about preaching; it is about accepting. It is about accepting yourself, no matter how you look. Where there is no acceptance, there is no love. Love cannot survive in an environment where people are not respected. Love cannot survive a place where people live in fear. If you want to cast out fear, just love. Love casts out fear.

Love is about you, not about them. The only way to love others is to love yourself.