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6 Anthony De Mello Quotes On How To Live Life

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Silence Matters

“When I speak, you must not listen to the words, my dear. Listen to the silence.”– Anthony De Mello

If you want to get results, you must organize your thoughts.

“Thought can organize the world so well that you are no longer able to see it.”- Anthony De Mello

A goal is just a goal without the right actions

You don’t make a goal out of relaxation and sensitivity.“- Anthony De Mello

Life is too short

‘It’s only when you are afraid of life that you fear death.“- Anthony De Mello

Your ‘ego’ is not your friend

To those who seek to protect their ego true peace brings only disturbance.”– Anthony De Mello


“The only tragedy there is in the world is unwakefulness and unawareness. From them comes fear, and from fear comes everything else…”– Anthony De Mello

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    • That is the best way to work and live with people. Sometimes good people allow their emotions to control them. As the old saying goes, “Never make a decision when you are angry.”

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