If You Want To Be Happy, You Must Learn To Value Yourself

Smiling Woman And Man Inside Train
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“Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.- Ayn Rand, writer

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”- George Orwell

If you want to live a happy life, you must accept who you are. You must accept your failures, your mistakes, your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to be happy and comfortable with yourself. You are unique. You are special.

You are who you are. Nobody can change you. You can change yourself by changing your mind. If you want to change yourself, start by changing how you think and what you consistently think about yourself. The rest will follow.

Once you allow your mind to accept who you are, there is nothing anyone can do to change you, or to make you unhappy. Nobody can make you unhappy. Only you can make yourself unhappy. You do that by trying to live other people’s lives. If you try to be who you are not, you are painfully living someone else’s life. How painful is that? Very painful!

Live your life. Accept yourself. “Nobody is better than you.” Say it to yourself every day. Thank you for saying it!

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