Break from the past

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To move forward in life, to grow, to be successful, to enjoy your life, to build positive relationships with people, you must separate yourself from your past failures, mistakes, or disappointments.

We all have past experiences that we don’t even want to remember. We don’t want to remember them because they hurt. But we cannot live without our history. It is okay to remember your past mistakes, but it is not okay to let them ruin your present. Your past mistakes are great ways to learn the great lessons of life. You cannot correct what happened in the past, but you can correct what will happen in the future.

You cannot move forward in life when the past is still hurting you. If you want to move on in life, you must separate yourself from the past. Separating yourself from the past doesn’t mean you should forget the past. You should not forget the past, but learn from the past to know why you are where you are today. You cannot forget the past. No one ever will. The only way to forget the past is to stop living.

Respect your past, learn from it, and move on.