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Watch What You Are Choosing

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

What are you choosing right now? Whatever you choose, do not choose carelessly. Because you are what you choose. So to live your life, choose yourself, choose life, choose happiness, choose love. Because you are never at your best without choosing you. You are at your best when you choose you, when you choose happiness, when you choose love, when you choose humanity.

Yes, we cannot control everything that is happening around us, but we can control how we react. We cannot control everything in the universe, but we can control what we think about. We can control our thoughts. Because if you can control your thoughts, you can control your life.

It is better to be you than to be who you are not. It is better to always give your best than to go to work without your brain. It is exhausting. It is tiring. It won’t make you better. No matter what, always watch what you choose. Because you can’t get away from your choices. Life is about making choices. Before you make a decision, make sure it is your call. Let your values always guide your decisions, your choices. Because if you are not you, how can you make the right decisions, how can you live a fulfilled life?

Why You Must Take Your Life Back

Photo by RODNAE Productions

You are beautiful. You are good enough for yourself. Be comfortable with yourself. Be okay with your low IQ. Be comfortable with what you have done for yourself. Let other people do their own things.

Do not compare yourself to other people. Because you are running your own race. Because you have a different target. Because you are not going to where they are going. Because they do not know your dreams. Because you are you, not them.

Do not forget who you are. Remember that the only relationship that matters is the one you have with yourself. Because if you are not in a relationship with yourself, then it means you are in a relationship with another person. It means you are loving another person more than yourself. It means you are allowing other people to tell you how to run your affairs. It means you are just existing, not really living.

Remember that you are here to live, not to exist. So to live your life, to do your own things, you must take your life back. You must do your own things. You must live your life on your own terms. Are you willing to do that for yourself?