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“Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right.”

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Success in anything is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to be successful, you must prepare yourself to stay in the game until you reach your finish line. Success is not a sprint. Success is a marathon.

Are you ready for a marathon or a sprint? It is up to you.

Billie Jean King said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” That is right! If you want to succeed in life, you MUST prepare to stay in the game until you finish.

Whatever you are doing right now, you must be patient. Success does not happen overnight. You will succeed if you prepare to finish what you start.

Bernard Berenson said, “Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.” That is true. Because champions are learners. They don’t see themselves as experts.

If you want to be a champion, you must think like a champion. You must work like a champion. You must live like a champion. You must learn like a champion. Champions don’t quit.

Even when the going gets really though, champions love it. They love to challenge themselves. If you want to be a champion, embrace failures, embrace challenges. Don’t quit!

Champions never quit. No matter how tough and hard, don’t quit. If you quit, you are not a winner, and you never will be. But if you hang in there, you are a winner, and you always will be a winner.

How To Eliminate Procrastination

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Procrastination is a dream killer. When you procrastinate, you are putting your life on hold. You are putting your progress on hold. You are putting your success off till tomorrow. Procrastination is not what you should embrace, it is what you should reject if you are to make progress in life.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never put off till tomorrow, that which you can do today.” No matter how small the tasks are, don’t put it off till tomorrow if you can do it today. Remember that tomorrow has its own problem. If you add today’s job to tomorrow’s job, you are compounding your stress level. That which you can do today, do it today. That which you are going to do tomorrow, do it tomorrow.

If you keep putting things off till tomorrow, your life will never change. If you want your life to change, if you want your situation to change, stop putting things off, start taking action. Stop the “wishing game,” and start the playing the “doing game.” The ONLY medication to cure the procrastination disease is ACTION. Action can cure anything.

Your purpose in life is to grow, to do great things. But if you keep postponing your goals, you will never reach your destination. Make the decision today to stop procrastinating and start doing things that will put you where you want to be.

To conquer procrastination, start doing little things every day. The more you do them, the better it will be for you. Start small. Don’t beat yourself up in the beginning. It is not going to happen overnight. Be patient, but be consistent. Give yourself time to finish whatever you start. Hold yourself accountable for completing or not completing it. Whatever it is that you are avoiding, make the decision to work on it today, not tomorrow. If the thing you are avoiding is a difficult thing to accomplish, don’t get scared. Start by breaking it down into manageable portions. The smaller they are, the better for you to do. Start doing it today.

Life is all about moving. If you want to move in the right direction, stop putting things off. Start taking action today, and your life will start to move in the right direction. You can do it!